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Savli Technology and Business Incubator (STBI) under a governance department is a significant project aimed at promoting technology innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth in the region. Here's an overview of how to provide website development services for STBI

  1. STBI stakeholders to identify specific needs and features, such as providing information about available services, showcasing startup success stories, and offering resources for entrepreneurs.
  2. dedicated section that provides an overview of STBI, its mission, goals, and the services it offers to startups and entrepreneurs.
  3. Showcase profiles of startups incubated at STBI, including their success stories, achievements, and impacts.
  4. provide detailed information about incubation programs, services, mentoring, funding opportunities, and resources available for entrepreneurs.
  5. Incorporate an events calendar to announce and promote workshops, seminars, webinars, networking events, and important deadlines.
  6. Provide training to STBI staff responsible for content management, updates, and website maintenance.