Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery

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Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery, project designed with a motive to provide online ticket booking for Museum visitors anywhere from the world and other facilities like virtual tour and photo galleries etc.

  1. Ensure real-time availability checks to prevent overbooking and to provide accurate information to visitors.
  2. Generate e-tickets or digital confirmations with QR codes, which visitors can use for entry.
  3. Equip entry points with QR code scanners to validate e-tickets.
  4. Develop a virtual tour feature with high-quality images, videos, and descriptions of the museum exhibits.
  5. Allow visitors to explore the museum virtually and navigate through different sections.
  6. Integrate a quiz module that offers interactive quizzes related to museum exhibits, history, and art.
  7. Provide feedback and scores to engage visitors and enhance their knowledge.
  8. Include maps and directions to help visitors find their way to the Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery.