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Akamai offers a wide range of services, including content delivery, web performance optimization, cloud security, and more. Its primary goal is to accelerate and secure online content and applications by deploying a distributed network of servers and intelligent algorithms across the globe. As a result, Akamai services enhance web performance and ensure that websites and applications are reliable and secure.

Our Akamai Services :
  1. Content Delivery : Akamai's content delivery services help businesses deliver web content, videos, and applications to users worldwide with minimal latency. Content is cached and served from servers located closer to end-users, reducing load times and improving the user experience.
  2. Web Performance Optimization : Akamai's optimization services include image and video optimization, as well as front-end optimization, to improve web page loading times and overall performance. This results in higher engagement and conversions.
  3. Cloud Security : Akamai offers a suite of cloud security services to protect websites and applications from DDoS attacks, web application threats, and other cyber threats. Its cloud security solutions help maintain business continuity and data integrity.
  4. Media Delivery Solutions : Akamai optimizes video streaming and multimedia delivery, ensuring high-quality playback, reduced buffering, and support for adaptive bitrate streaming for a wide range of devices.
  5. API Gateway : Akamai's API Gateway service provides security, scalability, and visibility for API traffic, allowing businesses to manage and protect their APIs effectively.
  6. Edge DNS : Akamai's globally distributed DNS service improves DNS resolution times, ensuring that users can access websites and applications faster, even in geographically distant regions.
  7. Real User Monitoring (RUM) : Akamai's RUM services offer insights into user behaviour and website performance, allowing businesses to make data-driven improvements to their online experiences.
  8. Bot Manager : Akamai's Bot Manager identifies and mitigates bot traffic, ensuring that only genuine users access websites and applications.