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Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam limited, program of updating and computerization of land record of the lands acquired/transferred to SSNNL.

  1. Gather all relevant land records, including deeds, title documents, ownership information, and other related paperwork for the acquired or transferred lands.
  2. Scan and digitize physical land records to convert them into electronic formats.
  3. Ensure the quality and legibility of digitized documents.
  4. Enter all relevant information from the digitized records into a centralized database.
  5. Implement a verification process to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the digitized land records.
  6. This may involve cross-referencing existing land records, conducting field surveys, and consulting with local authorities.
  7. Integrate Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to map land parcels and visualize land data geospatially.
  8. Link land records with their precise locations on digital maps.
  9. Standardize data formats, naming conventions, and coding schemes to ensure consistency and ease of retrieval.
  10. Develop reporting tools and analytics capabilities to generate reports on land holdings, land transactions, and ownership changes.