Gujarat State Road Transport

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Gujarat State Road Transport, an application for data filtration after data received from NIC. An application for proper Data Management.

  1. Set up a robust and scalable database system to store filtered and processed data.
  2. Implement data processing and analysis tools to gain insights and extract meaningful information from the filtered data.
  3. Use data analytics techniques to identify trends, anomalies, and performance metrics.
  4. Develop a dashboard or reporting system for real-time monitoring of data streams and filtration processes.
  5. Enable alerts and notifications for data anomalies or critical events.
  6. Use data visualization to aid decision-makers and operational staff in understanding and utilizing the data.
  7. Ensure the ability to generate customized reports for specific purposes, such as route optimization, maintenance scheduling, and budget planning.
  8. Ensure compliance with data privacy regulations and standards.
  9. Define user roles and permissions to control access to different data and functionalities based on user requirements and responsibilities.