Public/Private Ventures (P/PV) is a national leader in creating and strengthening programs that improve lives in low-income communities.

Problems like unemployment, crime, poor health, and low educational achievement hit low-income communities hardest and often seem intractable. Many programs exist to combat these problems, but more rigor is needed to determine what works and what doesn’t. Too much time and money are spent on ineffective approaches, while many models proven to work don’t get the support they deserve. For 30 years, P/PV has taken a leadership role in tackling the challenges low-income communities face, using an approach rooted in three core principles: 

• Innovation: We work with leaders in the field to identify promising existing programs or develop new ones;

• Research: We rigorously evaluate these programs to determine what is effective and what is not; 
• Action: We reproduce model programs in new locations, provide technical assistance where needed and inform policymakers and professionals on the frontline about what works.

P/PV is composed of research, policy, and program development experts who specialize in education, employment, prisoner reentry, juvenile justice, public health, youth development, and more. Our work engages leaders across the public and private sectors. This diversity provides us with the unique perspective and experience to advance promising solutions.