The microfinance sector is becoming increasingly commercialized, more competitive, and more regulated. You need a business intelligence solution that’s intuitive and presents the information the way you need it when you need it. One that can extract accounting and transactional data, interpret it and convert it into meaningful information that guides the decisions you take, right across your organization. Industry demands to build a secure and performing system where data to be accessible on the prompt for better business decisions and it reflects business growth over the market competition. It is also to be focused on reducing risks and operational costs.


Get a 75% reduction on duplicate data input.

Faster Inter-branch communication and documentation increase speed to a business decision.

Innovative Technology models and business decision support services resulting in revenue growth.

Improved operating and enhanced performance leads to Business effectiveness.

Up to 25-60% improvement inefficiency.

Industry Challenges

Manual Process, Human Calculation Errors.

Unorganized Data, Manage JLG & SHG group hierarchy

Multiple Loan Products

Acquisition and retention of customers

KYC record keeping

PDC Record keeping and management

Execute business functions and consistent improve towards efficiency and effectiveness

Technology application to increase straight-through processing

Scale the domain expertise pool available.


Our domain expertise comes from the grassroots experience of the Client organization in understanding the financial and functional needs of the Micro Finance Industry and has absorbed all their experiences in the creation of its solution. The comprehensive features of the software offer the ‘best fit’ solution to the needs of any Micro Finance Industry.

Our capabilities span customer-centric and process automation products such as Loan Application Process, KYC, Due Diligence, Loan Process, Collections, Accounting, Recovery, Trade Services, and Cash Management.  The attractive part of opting for our integrated software is that you do not need to worry about multiple data entries, multiple master creations, or data migration hassles.

Our capabilities span all areas affecting the business process by making it an automated process with integrated modules such as Loan Branch Management, Product Management, User Management, Member Registration, Loan Processing, Loan Disbursement, Loan Recovery, finance & Accounting.

Our After-sales support team is always available to provide support on all operational needs to clients in terms of training and troubleshooting.

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