Highlights of a clinical research management system are as given underneath:- 

The CTMS will give a broad scope of usefulness that will fortify the direction of both oncology and non-oncology clinical preliminaries: CLINICAL RESEARCH MANAGEMENT The framework empowers the board of numerous parts of clinical exploration including study fire up courses of events, following and detailing of convention data, and accumulation information, study monetary administration and charging consistence. Charging COMPLIANCE The CTMS considers shared examination schedules, brought together and normalized charging measures including support invoicing and subject visit following. Combinations/INTERFACES The CRS will coordinate with Epic to work with patient information move from the facility to the CRS and will join other investigation-related modules like EPRMS to help Scientific Review Committee measures. Detailing/ANALYTICS The CRS gives vigorous and smoothed-out answering to meet NCI convention and accumulation announcing necessities, support charging, and monetary tasks, and to follow preliminary beginning up courses of events.

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