RSBY is a Government sponsored scheme for the BPL population of India. The majority of the financing, about 75 percent, is provided by the Government of India (GOI), while the remainder is paid by the respective state government. Government of India’s contribution is 90 percent in case of North-eastern states and Jammu and Kashmir and respective state Governments need to pay only 10% of the premium.
Beneficiaries need to pay only Rs. 30 as the registration fee. This amount shall be used for incurring administrative expenses under the scheme.

Information relating to transactions that take place each day at each hospital is sent through a phone line to a district server. A separate set of pre-formatted tables are generated for the insurer and for the government respectively. This allows the insurer to track claims, transfer funds to the hospitals and investigate in the case of suspicious claim patterns through on-site audits.

RSBY Enrollment Application

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