Laravel Developer

    • Laravel developers use the Laravel web framework to design and build web applications, services, sites, and tools.
    • Laravel is a PHP-based, MVC architecture that relies on OOP to create websites, databases, forums, and caches.
    • The framework's tools and libraries let Laravel developers quickly develop robust software
    • that is scalable.
  • Experience: 1 Year To 3 Years
  • Qualification: Bachelor's Degree

    • Languages/Scripts:JavaScript,C,C++,Jquery,Php,Laravel
    • Web Technologies: HTML , CSS
    • Databases: PHPMyAdmin

    • Discussing project aims with the client and development team.
    • Designing and building web applications using Laravel.
    • Troubleshooting issues in the implementation and debug builds.
    • Working with front-end and back-end developers on projects.
    • Testing functionality for users and the backend.
    • Ensuring that integrations run smoothly.
    • Scaling projects based on client feedback.
    • Recording and reporting on work done in Laravel.
    • Maintaining web-based applications.
    Presenting work in meetings with clients and management.

Profile Requirement
    • A degree in programming, computer science, or a related field.
    • Experience working with PHP, and managing APIs such as REST.
    • A solid understanding of application design using Laravel.
    • Knowledge of database design and querying using SQL.
    • Proficiency in HTML and JavaScript.
    • Practical experience using the MVC architecture.
    • Problem-solving skills and critical mindset.
    • Great communication skills.
    • The desire and ability to learn.

Job Location
  • Ahmedabad, Gujrat ,India

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